The Sewer Systems in my Neighborhood

The Sewer Systems in My Neighborhood

My Old HouseDespite how beautiful my residential neighborhood is; the fact remains that it is an older neighborhood. It’s hard to tell because everyone, myself included keep their home in its best shape. My home, for example, was built over 60 years ago and despite being in very good condition. I was going to need a new sewer system. Throughout my house water was flooding and discovered from the city, that there was a problem in our neighborhood sewer pipes and they would need to come and clean it.

I am unsure of the details but my city had to come and dislodge the sewer systems in our neighborhood. Pretty much, there needed to be a sewer cleaning to keep all of our systems safe and sanitary. All I worried about was the smell. I mean, we are talking about a whole neighborhood worth of sewer; it can’t be too pleasant. All I can think about is the smell and if the whole day I need to be stuck in my house while the city fixes the sewer problem. That morning before I could even start my morning coffee with my little pets when the tucks came pouring in from Vac-Con.

Vacuum LoaderThe men, I supposed they are called technicians sealed off a portion of the street so their vacuum truck can come and check out our sewer system. It was a massive truck that took up most of the road space, so the houses that were blocked by the trucks were pretty stuck there until the city was done with the sewer. My house was one of those that were blocked by the massive truck. That was fine. It was the weekend, so I didn’t have much planned for the day. Instead, I spent the day enjoying television surrounded by my pets. I guess I could have gone outside, but I was scared of smelling neighborhood sewer pipes. That just wasn’t my thing.

Sewer CamerasI am sure that today modern sewer cleaning is much more sanitary and much less gross than it was back in day. I can’t imagine how it used to be for the sewage cleaners in the olden day. I am sure that people had to manually clean those pipes themselves. Apparently the problem we were having was tree roots that were growing into our sewer. That means the technicians have to cut out the tree roots, but they no longer have to go into the sewers to do this. Luckily today, the sewer men can use cameras to lower into the pipes and robot tools that can cut through the debris and woods and clear it away. All that means is that its sanitary for everyone such as the workers and the people living around the sewers.

The city were done with our sewer pipes in about an hour and half and left. The city returned back to normal and all the water in my house, and the houses of my neighbors went down. It’s crazy how you don’t pay attention to what is going on behind the curtains until it stops working.

Jamie - My Other Sister

Jamie, My Other Sister

This is what Jamie looked like.
This is what Jamie looked like.

Hey guys! It’s Electric AC here but yesterday I wasn’t feeling too Electric. I am stuck driving my other sister around because she is having car trouble. She was driving her car just fine the other day but yesterday it was completely dead, her car wouldn’t start. I had to drive her to work. She was clearly upset about her car because that is her only way to travel around. Now she’s going to be stuck until she can get home. How was she supposed to even get her car to the mechanic? It was just a mess. I wanted to keep her spirits up, but unless she got her car back together, her sour mood wasn’t going to break. I called my friend, Stacy for advice and she suggested that we called a mechanic that would tow her car to their shop.

They do that?

Some do. She doesn’t have to panic about it if she finds the right mechanic. My mechanic is AMS Jet. Try them out.

Great, now they’re going to charge me an arm and a leg for the tow.

No, AMS Jet Transmissions will tow the car for free.

My ChipotleI looked at my sister. She shrugged her shoulders, and I decided to try them out and help my sister in any way that I could. I googled for their number and quickly called them so they can help my sister. They were friendly on the phone and were really sympathetic to what my sister and I were going through. We just had to wait for them to come pick up the car. We returned upstairs to my sister apartment for us to wait and make some sandwiches for ourselves. Now that she knew that help was on the way, her mood was improving. By the time we finished eating, we had received a call from AMS Jet Transmission that they were in the garage waiting.

We joined them, and sure enough, they had the tow truck, ready to take her car to their shop. The mechanic took a look at her car, checking for what was under the lid and what was wrong with the car. Just as my sister suspected there was a problem with her car’s transmission.

CouponsMy sister rolled her eyes annoyed with what was happening with her car. She complained about the cost and the time it would have to take. The mechanic laughed, telling her that they had coupons she could use to help cover the cost of her transmission and that she would have it back by the end of the following day.

It all seemed too good to be true, but we decided to go with it. They took the car, hooking it up to their tow truck and took my sister’s car away. We waited patiently and nervously for her car. The next morning, I took her to work again. At the end of the work day, I picked her up from work and drove to JMS Jet Transmission. Sure enough, they had fixed her car, and it was ready to go back home. They did a great job, and her car was running smoothly and wasn’t making any more noise. My sister got her smile back again and her car.


My Commute is Killing Me

My Commute is Killing Me

Highway OverpassHey guys, It’s me again. I have a great story to share today. I was on my way to work when I got trapped in the worst traffic. Like many of us, I got to do the daily grind to make some money and feed my pets and care for Coco. (Coco is my car. She is just as important as my pets.) Well, like so many of you, I have to make a commute to my job. There is some construction being done to the highway, like massive construction. The city has been doing construction on that highway for a couple of years now, expanding and adding more lanes and overhead highway lanes.

I was stuck on the highway, twiddling my thumbs, waiting for the cars to budge a little. I blared my music, trying to distract myself and stifle my road rage but that could only go so far. I was so bored on the highway that I was looking at the trucks packed filled with debris, and I guess construction waste. These lightning loaders from Petersen Industries were massive, loud and clearly powerful lugging these huge amounts of concrete bits.  Still, I could only stare at trucks for so long.

I couldn’t take a video of the trucks, but I found this one on YouTube so you can see what I mean:

Can You Believe This?After a couple of minutes of that, I started to look at the cars around me. Some cars had dark tints like I did for privacy but many more did not. It’s crazy to think how I want privacy and put tints on Coco, but I wouldn’t blink an eye about being nosy and staring at drivers stuck in their car. If you think about it, you don’t really look at the drivers next to you when you are on the road. Rather we stare straight ahead or just talk to people that are in the car with you already.  So I’m looking at the cars next to me, making up fake stories about them. I gave them fake lives, fake names and fake problems. It was fun for a while here I was laughing in my car about the fake people I created. While the traffic pushed on, I would get different people around me.  So a new car pulled up next to me and it was a woman trying to put on her makeup in the car.  Besides the fact that it was Road Safetydangerous, she was putting on a full face of makeup in her rearview mirror.  She had her little mascara stick and trying to pull on her lashes.

I’ve never seen a thing like that before. I mean, I put on lotion sometimes in my car, but my face isn’t stuck in the rearview mirror. The traffic moved again, and it was finally breaking, so I had to drive forward and be on my way. I looked in my rearview mirror and noticed how she was so busy putting on her face that she was holding the already clogged traffic.  It is very dangerous what she was doing and with the construction companies and large trucks coming in and out of the highway lanes, she was risking her life. Be careful on the road guys because even if you are being careful, someone else might not be.

Elssies New Groomer

Elssie’s New Groomer

yorkshire-terrierHey guys! So, I have this beautiful dog named Elssie. She is a Yorkshire terrier.   I call her my little lady because she is a bit standoffish with other dogs. She isn’t shy to express her feelings and let you know if she doesn’t like you by purposely moving away from you or barking at you outright. So yeah, she can be a little pain in the butt. However, she is the sweetest thing to me and even despite her tiny size, she tries to protect me from strangers. She nudged her little way into my heart. If you are unfamiliar with a Yorkshire terrier, they are a sassy dog species but with super long hair.

Without proper care, your terrier will look like a walking pile of long hair. It can be dangerous for them too because it might affect their site and their safety as they move. Also, since their hair is so long and all she wants to do is play, sometimes her long hair would get all knotted up. What probably irked me the most was I felt like she couldn’t pass properly with all that fur. When she was a younger puppy, I found it easier just to let her roam free naked.

Therefore, when I first got Elssie, I would just trim her little fur as close as possible to the skin so she would just run and play. She looked like the cutest bald rat with two big ears that I have ever seen.

Elssie’s Golden Years

Elssies Golden YearsThat was years ago, and we both were young. Now Elssie is pushing into her golden years and is becoming a little less active. Although she won’t jump on my couch like she used too or run around and play, she is still my little lady. Now that we both are older and understand our routines, I let Elssie hair grow a whole lot more. In my head, it’s to reflect her age. She isn’t the little puppy that would run madly in my parent’s backyard but now a wise, no-nonsense little lady.

Loving AnimalsNow that her hair is much longer now, She requires a good groom every few months. That way she can look her best at all time. Before I purchased my home, I had a groomer in another town that I could trust and I went to her frequently. She knew Elssie for a long time and understood her personality. Elssie isn’t the friendliest puppy around. She is wary of strangers but loving to those she had gotten used too.  My groomer was one of those few people. Unfortunately, I moved far enough that it’s not a good idea to keep dragging poor old Elssie for hours outside her favorite spot in our house. It was time that I found a new groomer, one that was reasonable priced and skilled enough to handle Elssie.

My Nervousness

I admit, I was a little nervous about leaving Elssie with someone that was brand new and risk them ruining my poor little Elssie coat. Finally, one day my sister called me, and I told her about my fears, and she recommended a friend who recently graduated from grooming school, called the MerryField School of Pet Grooming. Hmm, sounds fancy. I was still nervous, but my sister coaxed me and gave me his number. Elssie hair was getting too long, and the only grooming I knew was bathing her and cutting her hair, so she was nearly bald. I wasn’t qualified for that. She needed a professional. So reluctantly, I called my sister’s friend. She was friendly and kind and made an appointment with me.

I took my Elssie and nervously watched as she cut Elssie’s hair. She was quick but gentle. Elssie sniffed her but seem happy with my sisters’ friend.  I was amazed to see what a good job she did with Elssie, so much like her old groomer. It seems that I found Elssie’s new groomer.

Check out Merryfield’s latest video:

Sarah Moves in with Mom

Sarah Moves in with Mom

Our New Family MemberMy sister just recently had her baby, but she lives in another town. My mother decided to move in with my sister to give her the support she needs with her baby. My sister doesn’t have much maternity leave, and she is afraid to hand her baby over to strangers. My mother who is baby crazy was more than happy to take the offer to help her new grandchild. My sister lives in a lovely home and has an extra bedroom for Mom, but Mom didn’t want her to buy furniture when she “had perfectly good furniture already.” So my mother was going to bring some furniture with her to make her move easier and to help with any nostalgia she feels while she helps my sister.

Our Town

Review ScaleMy mother had always lived in our town from since she was younger, and so have I. So she wasn’t familiar with moving and the process it would take. I decide this was time to do my research and try to find dependable movers that will help us in this new chapter. After carefully searching, I decided to try out the Hercules Movers and Packers. They had good reviews on Google Plus, Yelp and with the Better Business Bureau. People had written great things about their company so I wanted to try them out for myself.

I called them up and talked to them. After some discussion and checking out what my mom had to move, they gave us a fix up priced and set a date. My mother was a bit nervous because was a homebody and never used movers before. She was scared that these movers wouldn’t be careful with her things, but I was sure that they were. They seemed very professional and with the years of experience under their belt, I figured the odds were we were going to have a good experience.

The Day of the Move

The Day of the MoveOn the day of the move, they came on time and were ready to help move mom. I went along for support and to help her settle at my sister’s house. The movers were careful, carefully packing and wrapping the items so nothing would bang or break. They helped us pack what little left there was while others completely wrapped the furniture in blankets and tape so none of my mother’s furniture would be or scratch ruined the walls. I appreciated them being so careful, even my nervous mother eventually relaxed and stopped hovering when she saw how they packed and wrapped the furniture in thick blue blankets, sometimes even cardboard. There was no way they were going to get destroyed.

They loaded up everything onto their truck. There was a lot of forms to fill out, but I think it was only part of due diligence. That was good for both of us because my mother and I could keep an eye on everything. We were very pleased with their service and it turned out the move wasn’t all that bad when you know your property won’t be destroyed. Hercules gave us peace of mind, and I would definitely use them again.

My South Beach Destination

My Destination – South Beach

South Beach MiamiWhen it comes to vacationing in Florida, it doesn’t hurt to try to live it up big. South Beach is the destination to be to enjoy the people, beach, and fun.  Since it was my birthday; I absolutely wanted to live it up, but I wasn’t sure how. I wanted to live the glamorous life, and I decided why not look into hotels and rent out a great room that overlooks the ocean? During my search, I came across the Royal Stays Miami site. According to the site, they actually rented out entire condominiums for less than 500 a night. My jaws nearly drop to the floor. It almost seemed too good to be true, but it wasn’t. I scrolled through their many properties, all beautiful, gorgeous homes. Many of them had pools; some of them had on-site restaurants and bar. I was loving the idea of renting out an entire condo over the weekend for about 700 dollars. Depending on the location, we might have restaurants, bars, and even a pool.

834 Ocean Dr

My Ocean Drive Condo in South BeachI picked a beautiful condo on Ocean Drive with a balcony that overlooks the pristine blue waters of the great Florida blue. The condo I checked out was a gorgeous two bedroom, two bathrooms with a view of the oceans. It was clearly of modern design and had some furnishes such as couches and beds. The kitchen was so beautiful, made of wood with steel appliances. Since it was an open concept home, no one would be separated from each other if anyone decided to use the kitchen. Plus, it wasn’t a small little cramp space, it was about 1500 sq. ft. so it was a good fit for all of my friends to throw a little bash in honor of my birthday.

My Reservation

I made my reservation ahead of time and managed to snag the weekend of my birthday. I was so excited because the condo was right on the strip where there would be a great nightlife, music, and food. I can’t even begin to say how much I love food. The only bad thing I can say is depending on which condo or apartment you decide to make a deposit on, parking may or may not be available. You might have to use the public parking instead, and that is an expense. It’s not too much of an expense but if you are going to have cars parked overnight, be mindful of that. Depending on the place, you might have guest parking, but that is first come, first serve. So I would be mindful of that.

When work finally ended, I packed my weekend bag and met up with my friends. To avoid unnecessary parking headaches, we took just one car. Yup, we stuff our bags in the trunk and stuff ourselves in my midsize. Fridays can be a little hectic because everyone wants to be at the beach but for once, I didn’t let the traffic bother me. Our car was going to be parked overnight because we got a place on the ocean.

The vacation rental was exactly as I imagined online and more. We threw a little party and went out to the strip to enjoy ourselves. I will definitely do this again for my next birthday.

Garage Door Rescue

Garage Door Rescue

Garage Door PaintingHello all! I hope your day is going smoothly. As Dory would say, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” As you might or might not know, I do own a home, which next to Coco (my car), is my pride and joy. My home is a bit of a fixer-upper, but it’s in a great quiet neighborhood. To keep Coco protected, I purposely wanted a garage to keep her sheltered in the rain. The problem was my garage was clearly in need of repair. The garage door closed, but it seemed to lean on one side, so there was an opening on the left side. The garage door was peeling and in need of a paint job. I would have done the paint job, but the door is bent. Worse of all, it was an eyesore. I had this beautiful home with a banged up garage door. I should have done it sooner, but I had to save money and focused on renovating the inside of my home.

I probably would have kept my garage on the backburner if it weren’t for a particular incident that happened to me the other day. I was on my way to work a couple of days ago. I grabbed my breakfast smoothie and with my bag in tow, I unlocked Coco to drive to work. When I threw my bag in the bag and was ready to hop into the car when I heard a rustling sound in my garage. Lord, my blood went cold, and my mind went berserk thinking about what the heck was in my garage. My garage door didn’t close all the way, so there was a small hole.  Maybe I underestimated how safe I was; perhaps a really tiny sneaky person slipped through the crack.

The Kittens

The-KittensI called out in the garage but didn’t get a response. I closed my door and walked to my car. I could hear the rustling sound much better as I moved to the left side of my garage. I had a table on that side, and I threw all my dirty clothes on that table. I began to realize that perhaps it was an animal. I looked through my pile of clothes and found out the rustling noise. There was a small litter of kittens, three little kittens. One of the kittens was moving around some empty cans. I couldn’t believe it; a cat slipped through and had her kittens on my dirty clothes.

On one hand, I was like, “Oh my god, my clothes!” but also, “Oh my god, I just adopted kittens!” My dog Elsse was getting old now, and won’t be here long.  I was running late for work, so I left the kittens alone. During my break at work, I called Garage Door Services 911. While I am happy for the surprise of finding kittens, I didn’t want more animals coming inside my garage and having kittens. Plus, those few seconds before I found the litter, I thought it was someone breaking into my home.

My Garage Rescue

Garage Door Services 911 came that weekend and replaced my garage door completely. Now my house looked beautiful again, especially with a brand new garage door.  So it was a pretty good week, I am a brand new pet parent and got a brand new garage.

Let's Talk About Coco

Let’s Talk About Coco & Her Brakes

CocoHey guys, so I want to talk about Coco. Who is Coco? She is my beautiful, gorgeous car. Coco is the first car I ever bought in my life. That’s right, I saved all my little pennies and gladly traded in my father’s old car and made a significant deposit on Coco. I loved my new (at the time) car, but I didn’t really know how to care for a car. All I’ve ever done was drive it around which was exactly what I wanted to do. I know nothing about cars. I really don’t. Every day I just hop in my car and just drive, without a single care. My father, who lives nearby, always warns me to check my car, learn about caring for my car. “Check for oil; check the coolant in my car, blah, blah, and blah.” It all sounds foreign to me, and plus my dad checks my car every week, so what did I need to care.

Woefully, I did need to pay attention to my car but I really didn’t know where to begin. When I lifted up the car lid and looked at the engine, I was baffled. The engine looked like a robot stuffed into the car. The reason for my despair was because Coco was making clicking noises. When I first got Coco, she was an absolute lady. She didn’t make any noise but left a powerful impression on everyone around. She was so quiet; sometimes I couldn’t even tell if she was on or not. Suddenly, I am driving my car, and it seemed as if my car was in pain.

Clicking Noises Are Never Good

My Clicking NoiseNormally I would call my dad because he takes care of her and has kept her engine running this past couple of years. The problem was my Dad wasn’t available for us because he had helped my mom moved to the sister’s house. If you checked out my previous posts, you know that my mom is moving in with my sister for a while to help out with her baby. My mom was supposed to move, but my Dad followed right after her. They had been married for so long and been together for so long; my Dad wasn’t so sure he could just sit around in the house without my mom. So right after Mom moved, my dad followed right after her.  I encouraged him to go, but now I am having regrets because as soon as my Dad left, Coco started to make clicking noises.

Searching For An Honest Mechanic

Honest MechanicThat was the moment that separated children from adults. I began to search around for mechanics, check out reviews and after a good day of research and talking with real people, I came across Aventura Brakes and Auto Center.  They’ve been in business for close to thirty years, which made me feel confident in what they could do.

With my heart on my sleeve and Coco clicking, I took her to their shop. They were professional and understanding. They took Coco and gave her a look. They figured out the issues in time and told me what was wrong. I needed a new filter and more fancy stuff for my car. In a matter of hours, Coco was fixed and returned to her lady status. Aventura Brakes and Auto Center is now my go-to Aventura mechanic and Coco is always in the right hand.

Political Season – Where are you at?


Hey all! It’s me again. It’s political season. The politicians are hunger gaming their way to the presidential office, and one by one the losers are dropping out of the race. While I am sure you heard the adage that it isn’t a good idea to talk politics around company, I won’t adhere to it. I volunteered to help a political campaign. (No, I won’t say which political campaign.) I consider my audience to be my friends, and I am sure we can have adult conversations about politics.

I was assigned with creating little postcards for my campaign team. Now, let me start by saying how happy I was to be helping out. It is great to be involved directly with our voting system, and it’s great to see the backdoor details of how it all comes together. Seeing the planning, the organization and meeting the real politician trying to make a difference by seeking the highest position in one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful country in the world.

It’s surreal, and I imagine that for anyone who helps out in a campaign, no matter what side or politician to see the actual process behind the machine is pretty incredible. That is why I suggest that no matter what side you are on, republican or democratic that you try to become more involved in the process. You learn a lot, and it does give you a sense of pride and a feeling of togetherness. It’s pretty amazing.

Campaign Postcards

Campaign PrintingAll right, let me get off my tangent and get back on my postcards. For our campaign, we wanted to send flyers throughout the nearby neighborhoods. Since it my task and my team as well, we wanted that our postcards send a powerful impact on our readers. We wanted beautiful cards that would be appealing and invited our readers to take a moment to read what we wanted to say, what we believe in and what we wanted to do about creating change. I wanted it to look professional as well, so I looked for bulk mailing services and came across  They had over 15 years of experience handling political direct mail & shipping and had worked with top political consultants from all over the country. That got my attention already.

My team and I gave them a quick call and found that they were available at any time to answer all of our questions and concerns. It was fast, detailed and they protected our privacy while ensuring material security. What I liked the most was they follow the USPS regulatory guidance as well so we knew there shouldn’t be any issues with our postcards.

Environmentally Friendly Printing

Green-PrintingWhat was great of all, Cornerstone uses environmentally friendly products that wouldn’t leave heavy marks on the environment. Whoops, I probably revealed my party affiliation with that last statement. I kid, but seriously, Cornerstone Printing uses recycle paper, soy ink, and even wind power resources. How amazing is that?

It didn’t take long for us to get our postcards and have them shipped out to the neighborhoods we wanted. All of this was possible because of Cornerstone Printing service. They were lifesavers.


Hey Guys!

Hey guys! My name is Electric AC, and I love giving reviews about different products and services. If you’re wondering why I go by the name Electric AC, it’s because my real name is Ashley Casey and I love electronic music. Think of this as your own personal guide to some of the best businesses around.

I would like to share a little about me. I am just a regular gal with a regular 9 to 5 like you, trying to make the best of life. About a year and a half ago, I got my first home, and I couldn’t believe how much responsibility went into getting your own place. A lot of things I needed for my home meant that I had to put my trust in companies and hope that they won’t screw me over. Yelp became my best friend because it helped me find the best but also gave me the chance to describe any bad experiences that I had and trust me, I had a few. A problem I had was that when people left a review, they were sort of a little vague. I wanted more information and better descriptions about these companies besides just a few sentences of “Oh they were good.”

The same goes for people who leave bad reviews. Many times I took a look at bad reviews, I notice that many of them would leave low stars but not an explanation as to what happen. Instead of deterring me away, I was left wondering if this was an actual case of bad customer service or was it an unreasonable customer.

I want businesses to have fair and balanced views of their services. I want to be informed of the kind of services a particular business may have, the good and the bad. I think people deserve to know real experiences with real people who are honest about their review. That is my goal for this little blog of mine; I want people to get real reviews and experiences from a real person who can give real balanced views.

I hope you find this blog helpful and that it helps you make real informed decisions.